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What if the insurance adjuster contacts me?

Filing Claims, Personal Injury

Often an adjuster from the other person’s insurance company will contact you soon after your personal injury to discuss settlement of your property damage. This is fine – go ahead and discuss property settlement, making sure your car will be fully repaired or, in a total-loss situation, paid for at fair market value. Additionally, you may be entitled to a rental car – see our Property Damage Claims information.

However, it would be unwise to discuss any personal injury claim settlement at such an early date. Most personal injury claims should not be settled until it is certain you“re “medically stationary” and that any permanent injuries – such as susceptibility to easy reinjury, premature onset of arthritis, or sudden reoccurrence of pain have been identified. In order to get full compensation for such permanent injuries, it is crucial that your doctor reports all possible future effects from your injuries.

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