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Jim Nelson

What makes a good lawyer is a good human being…I have a lot of rapport with people going through the grieving process and who have lost a loved one, I’ve been there.”

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Chris MacNeil​

In raising three children, it impressed upon me the need for our society to provide fair results for all of its citizens, for everyone.”

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Dan Rayfield

The most rewarding thing at the end of the day is when you have a case and it changes policy and it changes procedure, and you know…it’s not going to happen again.”

Recognized as some of the most trusted and respected personal injury lawyers in Oregon, the law firm of Nelson MacNeil Rayfield is well-versed in personal injury practice areas ranging from auto accidents and products liability to wrongful death and malpractice.

Our personal injury lawyers in Oregon have over 15 years of collective experience working for insurance companies in the past. This gives us the unique perspective of knowing the insurance industry and the games they play from the inside out. Additionally, we have over 70 years of legal and trial experience among our lawyers representing individuals with personal injury claims against insurance companies. Personal injury is the only area of law we practice.

Our lawyers take a different approach than many other personal injury law firms when working with clients. Our experience has shown us that when a client is dealing with the stress of a claim, the last thing they want to worry about is whether an insurance company will treat them fairly. We believe that lawyers in Oregon shouldn’t just be satisfied with good results. When our lawyers can ease the stress and disruption clients feel while still achieving the same good results, we know we have done our job. That’s why our focus is entirely on the client: guiding them through the legal process, dealing with the insurance companies, and handling the paperwork so they can focus on the important things in life.

Our lawyers recognize the fact that most clients prefer to avoid the courtroom. In practice, most personal injury cases are negotiated and settled outside of the courtroom. Our lawyers use the relationships we’ve built through the years, our courtroom experience, and our reputation in the field to negotiate fair settlements. Sometimes, however, the courtroom is the only place a client can obtain a fair outcome. We do not hesitate to take a case to trial when a fair settlement cannot be achieved. As a result, our lawyers prepare every case as if it was headed to trial.

Our personal injury lawyers handle cases across the entire state of Oregon. We have offices in Albany, Corvallis and Portland, however, are able to meet prospective clients at locations convenient for them if needed. Our law offices are located within blocks of Oregon courthouses, with our Albany office about 0.2 miles from Albany Municipal Court and Linn County Circuit Court, our Corvallis office about 0.2 miles from Benton County Courthouse, and our Portland office about 1 mile from Multnomah County Courthouse.

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