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Is all car insurance basically the same?

Auto Insurance, Auto Accidents

Most companies will offer the same basic coverage with varying premiums depending on a variety of factors.

However, the companies are not the same when it comes to processing your claim. For example, some cut-rate mail-order companies are also cut-rate when it comes to handling your claim. An insurance bargain may not be such a bargain when you need it most.

A leading consumer magazine put it this way: “The cheapest insurance is not always the best buy”. Companies differ in the skill, care, and speed with which they settle customers’ claims.”

The best buy in insurance is to find a competent insurance agent you can trust. If you have a problem or a claim, your agent can go to bat for you with the company. Your local agent’s assistance is much more valuable than saving a few dollars a year on premiums. Follow your agent’s advice! Your agent is a trained and licensed professional.

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