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How can I make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else?

Malpractice Claims, Malpractice

Many people feel they have been victims of malpractice but don’t want to file a claim. An experienced attorney can tell you where to send a letter of complaint. Most professions are governed by review boards and licensing agencies. A well-written complaint can help make sure the professional doesn’t make the same mistake again.

Oregon Medical Board
Chief Investigator
1500 SW First Ave. #620
Portland, OR 97201
(971) 673-2702

Oregon State Bar
Client Assistance Office
PO BOX 231935
Tigard, OR 97281
(800) 452-8260

Oregon Board of Dentistry
1600 SW 4th Ave. Suite 770
Portland, OR 97201
(971) 673-3200

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