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Seeking Support In Recovering From Serious Personal Injury 

From dog bites and car and truck collisions, to bicycle and pedestrian accidents, to minor accidents in our everyday lives, we’ve all experienced injuries at some point.  While some may need no real recovery time – bruises, paper cuts, minor things – others might need more time and effort, like a sprain or broken bone. Then there are those times when people are injured so severely that the consequences are life-altering.

It is important to understand that serious injury can change people’s lives. They may not be able to do important things they could do before. They may be unable to work, or even experience enormous mental or physical challenges. 

Thus, it is often vital for people to find various types of support during (and perhaps after) the recovery process from severe personal injury. While the needed support network is highly personal, depending on a specific person’s needs, we will attempt to share some ideas on who you can turn to for assistance.

Friends and Family

We will go ahead and state the obvious here. For those blessed to have a close family or a tight-knit group of supportive friends, there often is nothing more important to navigating the challenges of personal injury and recovering than having others that we’re already close with to lean on. Family and friends can be a massive source of emotional and physical support. 

One way family members or friends can help someone recover from a personal injury accident is to offer practical assistance. Victims of a severe accident may need help with their everyday tasks like bathing, grooming, or dressing. 

Medical Assistance

Finding healthcare providers you trust and on whom you can rely is essential when you have personal injuries. You may already have a network of doctors and other professionals you rely upon. If so, that’s great. They can make referrals as needed. If not, we can help you find options.

In addition, you may need physical or occupational therapy, medical devices, or time in a rehabilitation facility. These options can help you achieve maximum medical improvement.

Legal Assistance

Some injuries are our own fault, and others are no one’s fault at all. There are, unfortunately, times when we’re hurt due to negligence on behalf of an outside party. Finding a lawyer who can assist you is an essential avenue of support when dealing with a severe personal injury case. 

For example, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Nelson McNeil Rayfield can help you navigate the often confusing world of Oregon law. We can help you understand your insurance coverages, answer questions you may have about your legal rights, and, if needed, take a negligent party to trial. 

That way, you can focus on recovering. We also care about your well-being and can help you locate support resources for your unique circumstances.

Support Groups

Support groups can be a fantastic resource for personal injury victims. While we do not typically recommend one group over another, we can help you locate potential groups to consider. For example, in cases of traumatic brain injuries, the local chapter of the Brain Injury Association of America provides links to support groups located around Oregon. On the other hand, an injured veteran may turn to Amvets or another veteran’s group for help or guidance.

Some people may be interested in something like the Trauma Survivor’s network, a website where people can share their stories. The PTSD Alliance may be helpful for others.

Mental Health America can also help you find support groups that fit your needs.


The mental challenges associated with severe personal injury can be incredibly difficult to overcome. Many people find that a counselor/therapist can be a powerful resource to aid in recovery from serious personal injury. 

A therapist will assist in working out trauma-related struggles, and suggest coping strategies to help someone recover emotionally and mentally from a traumatic personal injury event. You may learn techniques on forgiveness, management of anxiety or symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or simply find someone to talk to who will listen. 

Government Assistance

In some instances, the government can provide assistance. For example, the Oregon Health Authority sometimes offers social, physical, and mental well-being-related aid. Medicare and Medicaid websites and offices may help. We can help you with this determination. Many other government offices and agencies might assist you, depending on your needs.

Religious Resources

Some religions offer extensive lists of resources that can assist people in times of need. Of course, religion can provide spiritual comfort for those with a religious affiliation. Reaching out to a local place of worship may also offer some financial assistance in times of severe hardship with services like soup kitchens. 

Personal Injury Support In Oregon 

The best place to find legal support for a severe personal injury case in Oregon is through Nelson MacNeil Rayfield –  we are here to help. We would love to meet with you for a free consultation and discuss your needs, help you evaluate your case, and answer all of your questions. We strongly believe that one way to make society safer for everyone is to hold people accountable when they negligently cause injury. Contact Nelson MacNeil Rayfield today.