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Leading Causes of Personal Injury In Oregon

The United States sees millions of injuries every single year, with 30 million of those needing immediate medical attention. Medical malpractice, auto accidents, and other personal injury cases are all instances where litigation might be necessary, as the injured party feels that someone else is at fault. In some cases, these injuries can even result in a tragic loss of life, in what we call a wrongful death claim. 

While the statistics for the United States as a whole are staggering, how does Oregon itself stack up? In this blog post, we will discuss Oregon’s leading reasons for personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. 

Injury Caused by Motor Vehicle Crashes

Multiple categories of accident types cause injuries. One category listed as a priority for prevention by the Oregon Health Authority is injury caused by motor vehicle accidents. The Health Authority lists motor vehicle traffic injuries as “one of the leading causes of death and hospitalization in Oregon.” Statistics support this conclusion. The Authority notes that more than 300 people die, and more than 1,800 people are hospitalized every year in Oregon as a result of motor vehicle accidents. 

To avoid auto accidents, it’s imperative that drivers and pedestrians alike are aware of laws and regulations in their community. If one does occur, an Oregon auto accident attorney who specializes in motor vehicle accidents can answer your questions and help you navigate the legal landscape. 

Dog Bites 

The CDC notes that the U.S. sees upwards of 4.5 million dog bites every single year, with the city of Portland alone seeing an average of 788 incidents annually. This is a surprisingly common personal injury case that is surrounded by Oregon’s unique dog bite laws and regulations. Within Oregon, dog bites also fall under the standard personal injury statutes of limitations – meaning that someone has two years to file a suit, should the case escalate to it. 

Product Liability

Many product liability cases do not make it to a courtroom, but their volume is nonetheless staggering. Most product liability cases arise from defective, falsely advertised, or faulty products that create a situation that leads to an injury, even if it is being used with the prescribed intentions. It can be difficult to differentiate strict liability, negligence, and intentional liability in these cases – it’s best to have an experienced attorney on hand to help answer these questions. 

Unintentional Injury

According to the Oregon Health Authority, unintentional Injury is the third leading cause of death in Oregon. Moreover, not only is injury a leading cause of death, but it is also a leading cause of injury and hospitalization. The Oregon Health Authority further reports that injury is the top cause of death for younger Oregonians – from ages 1 to 44.

These statistics include deaths and injuries related to accidents involving cars, semi-trucks, vans, motorcycles, and other motorized bicycles on public roadways. It also includes accidents involving these vehicles in crashes with pedestrians and bicycles.

Oregon Law and Protections

As we all know, many rules of the road passed into law are designed to keep us safer. People who follow those rules significantly reduce the chances of deadly accidents. However, it is a fact that some people will intentionally ignore rules or drive negligently. The law also provides a remedy in these situations, allowing those who are harmed to potentially recover damages. 

In addition to making injured victims as whole as possible, there is a safety aspect to the invocation of these legal rights. The theory is that when people across society know that they can be held legally liable for their actions, they will be more inclined to act reasonably. 

Call with Questions

Personal injury law is complex, regardless of how the injury occurred. Know that the experienced personal injury lawyers at Nelson MacNeil Rayfield are here for you. We can help you navigate your legal rights and answer all of your questions in a free consultation. We help injury victims all across Oregon get back on the right track, sort out files and documentation they might need, and help you understand your case.