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Do I need an attorney?

Property Damage, Auto Accidents

As outlined earlier, if the claim is less than $7,500, you do not need an auto accident attorney in Oregon. In fact, if you file a lawsuit in small claims court, attorneys are not allowed.

If your claim exceeds $10,000, or if you don’t want to handle small claims court yourself, you probably should retain an attorney. In some circumstances, auto accident attorneys can make the person at fault pay your legal fees and costs in addition to your damages – even if the damages are less than $10,000.

Experienced car accident attorneys in Oregon have many resources available to help identify your claim’s real value, including:

  • Having frequently worked with independent appraisers and body repair shops.
  • Having access to computerized valuation services.
  • Being skillful at the art of negotiation.
  • Understanding the court system and knowing the rules for conducting a lawsuit.

All of this is beneficial when trying to reach agreements or verdicts concerning your losses. Sometimes you will be responsible for the attorney’s fees and costs in addition to any settlement or judgment. However, if you have sustained an injury in the accident, some personal injury attorneys will handle your property damage claim as a service, at no charge.

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