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Do I need an attorney?

Filing Claims, Personal Injury

There are several advantages to hiring an Oregon injury attorney to represent you on your claim.

Most personal injury attorneys will charge a fee only if you collect for your injury. That fee will usually be a percentage of your recovery.

An Oregon injury attorney will handle most contacts with the insurance companies. In fact, the other person’s insurance company is required to deal with your attorney rather than contact you directly. Your attorney will also assist with other aspects of your claims, such as getting your property damage settled, your medical bills paid, and your wage loss compensated.


A skilled Oregon personal injury attorney will request a detailed prognosis from your doctor to accurately evaluate your claim. The evaluation is based on a number of factors and attempts to predict jury awards if your case were to go to trial. Insurance companies base their evaluations on the same factors; but without an attorney’s assistance, you will have limited access to this information.

Settlement Package:

An expert personal injury attorney in Oregon will prepare a comprehensive settlement package summarizing your claim and making a specific demand on the insurance company. The attorney will negotiate your claim and advise you on appropriate settlement amounts.

In most cases, an attorney’s expert evaluation, combined with a comprehensive settlement package and aggressive negotiation, will give you a higher net settlement than you would have obtained through direct negotiation with the insurance company on your own.

Finally, if you do decide to retain an attorney, you should be careful to select an attorney experienced in the field of personal injury law. Ask any prospective attorney about the kinds of cases they usually handle. An expert in injury cases can usually settle your claim faster and more efficiently than a general practitioner. An experienced personal injury attorney in Oregon will also be able to achieve the highest possible settlement on your behalf.

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