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Why Are Back Injuries So Common in Personal Injury Cases

As we have discussed many times in this blog, there are hundreds of ways that someone might find themselves injured. From medical malpractice, to product-related injuries, to negligent drivers of cars, trucks, and other vehicles, causing thousands of accidents and injuries across the state of Oregon. The types of accidents that occur in Portland, Corvallis, and Albany cover a broad spectrum. 

Similarly, when these accidents occur, the types of resulting injuries that can occur are broad as well – from head injury to traumatic brain injury and broken bones. But one thing is for sure – back injuries are prevalent in personal injury cases, especially those resulting from a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall, or other types of accidents resulting in physical trauma to the body. This post will discuss why back injuries are so common in personal injury cases.

The Human Back is Complex.

While we often take our bodies for granted, they are quite amazing in all they can do and how our systems work together. Our backs serve many functions and are intended to be both strong and flexible. 

Perhaps the greatest reason that back injuries are so common is that this part of the human body is so complex, with so many elements that can be injured. Generally, our spinal cord runs through our back and is protected by a vertebral column comprising 33 individual vertebrae. A disc between each vertebra is filled with a squishy substance (the nucleus pulposus). Additionally, ligaments, muscles, and a complicated set of nerves run through the back, interconnected in many ways. When any of these many components are injured, severe pain and loss can result. 

Common Types of Back Injuries and Resulting Pain

According to the National Library of Medicine, the most common types of back injuries include the following:

The pain resulting from back injuries can be sharp and sudden. It can also feel more like a dull ache. For some conditions, healing occurs, and the pain recedes. In other instances, the pain becomes chronic and long-lasting. Moreover, because of the complexity of the nervous system, pain is sometimes felt in a place other than where the injury occurred. For example, a person might feel pain radiating down an extremity. Numbness, tingling, and weakness may occur in the hips, buttocks, legs, and feet.

Causes of Back Injury

Some causes of back injury are not related to trauma. Examples include bone decay related to aging or disease, such as degenerative disc disease. Moreover, some back injuries result from ordinary activities, such as bending or performing chores. These types of injuries usually heal.

And while there are many ways to injure a back, suffering trauma from the forces of a car accident or a slip and fall are prime candidates for causing such injury. Motor vehicle accidents are often violent. The forces from collisions can cause muscles and ligaments to be stretched and torn. In fact, most people have heard of “whiplash injuries.” Worse, the forces of an accident can cause bones to be broken and discs to be herniated. 

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